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Forex strength indicator

The Aroon indicator is a two-lined technical indicator that is used to identify trend changes and the strength of a trend by using the time elapsed since a high or low. more Swing High Definition. MT4 Currency Strength Meter is a Forex indicator built to help traders find trending pairs without having to use the normal time-consuming methods. The developers feel that their indicator is affected even after every move has taken place, so traders can find “the pullbacks and / The second currency strength trading strategy is a real time indicator for currency strength or weakness. For managing your trade entries, you can also determine which currencies are strong and weak in real time using a simple real time currency strength indicator like The Forex Heatmap®.

Currency Strength Indicator For 28 Pairs, Two Methods

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Attachments: Currency Strength Indicator. Exit Attachments. Currency Strength Indicator. First Post : Jun 24, am Jun 24, am. Joined Mar Status: Member Posts. Forex strength indicator typical strength indicators will give some representation of how much a currency has moved compared to all other currencies it's matched with, and of course this let's you see if typically the USD is strong when compared to other currencies.

These indicators will let you identify a strong currency and a weak one, and then you can select the corresponding pair to trade with a slightly better edge. I'm not saying anything new here. However I Forex strength indicator think they give the whole picture and I would definitely like to easily extract more information from them.

For me, knowing which currency has been strongest and which has been weakest Forex strength indicator not the best information. In the image below during point "0", you can see that the currency represented by the orange line is the strongest and the green line is the weakest. Regular use of such an indicator would suggest you trade the pair which contains those 2 currencies and trade in the direction of strong against weak. But my experience says that just because Forex strength indicator is strong and the other weak in the past doesn't mean the pair is more likely to carry on moving in that direction.

The pair at this stage could in fact be completely range bound with no obvious direction. So trading the strongest against the weakest in this sense is not providing any real edge. What I do find does provide an edge is trading the most rapidly strengthening currency against the most rapidly weakening currency. From point "A" you can see two currencies starting to diverge away from each other, and these moments do genuinely offer an edge from my own personal experience at least, Forex strength indicator.

Now in the case of point "A" it is very easy to see the divergence, the rapidly strengthening currency is above the rapidly weakening and they are moving in opposite directions, so the corresponding pair is easy to trade. The moves are far more dramatic than anything else on the chart and trading this pair would be great. The problem is Forex strength indicator rapidly weakening currency orange is still "stronger" Forex strength indicator to the chart than the rapidly strengthening currency blue.

By the time the two lines have crossed and point "C" and their "strength" values have flipped as to which is stronger or weaker than the other, Forex strength indicator, we may have missed most of the move.

What I would like to do is identify which currency is strengthening or weakening most rapidly, regardless of what it's actual "strength" value may be. So in the chart image I've posted, at point "B" the green line is still the weakest on the chart, and the orange line is the strongest, Forex strength indicator. But orange is weakening the most rapidly and green is strengthening most rapidly, and this can give some excellent moves to catch. I'm far more interested in which currencies are gaining or losing strength the fastest as opposed to what their strength value is.

And so with a long explanation out of the way, Forex strength indicator, is it possible to grab the data on a tick by tick Forex strength indicator from metatrader for example, and feed it directly in to an Excel spread sheet or indicator of some description, Forex strength indicator, which would then print out a bar chart or arrow or similar, identifying which currency is moving the fastest and in which direction?

There is a commercial indicator on the market which does something similar to what I am after, but it requires you to manually input values in to a spread sheet. I would want the spread sheet or indicator updated automatically directly from the metatrader charts. I am not looking for someone to build this for me, only want to know if what I am proposing is technically possible.

I am very grateful to any technically skilled person who can understand the explanation I have given here, and answer me as to Forex strength indicator can be achieved.

Attached Image. Jun 24, am Jun 24, am. That sounds relatively easy once you have the original indicator. A good coder should have no problem. Not sure that my coding is up to that but may be tempted to look later. If you think I'm mad, I must be mad. Edited at pm Jun 24, pm Edited at pm. Joined Jan Status: cash is a position too Posts. There are several versions of the CCFp indicator that have a ROC display slaved to the left corner of the indicator window. The original CCFp didn't have that display, Forex strength indicator, but it Forex strength indicator added after several members asked for it on this Forex strength indicator. It doesn't take the open candle into consideration.

If you have any doubts about the validity of the figures on the display, simply open the Data Window and cross-confirm with the indicator values using the previous two bars you will notice the display figures have been multiplied by some factor of 10 but that was intentionally done to ease the interpretation of said figures.

This is the easy way of doing it. If you want someone to program something for you or do it via Excel then I'm not very handy, Forex strength indicator, I'm afraid. Attached Forex strength indicator click to enlarge. Attached File. If you don't risk, you don't ever have to lose. I hope the indicator I provided above will help you. I have attached a chart below of what I think it is that you're after.

If the dark chart captures that, then I think the indicator should be just fine. Another thing you can do is to look at what your green and orange currencies did before they crossed each other. Forex strength indicator is something I discovered while working with CCFp.

Note that events 1 and 2 precede event 3 see light chart below, Forex strength indicator. Knowing, or should I rather say, noticing this Forex strength indicator important and can give you some extra room for maneuvering. It could be the difference between a profit or a loss. It took me days of researching to discover this and a few other crucial things I literally worked from early morning until sundown for two weeks while doing this and I can tell you that once you begin researching and thinking about this in depth you will start seeing many more ways of practical application I did.

Jun 25, am Jun 25, am. Thank you bug, the image you've Forex strength indicator above is exactly the kind of thing I am hoping to identity more easily, Forex strength indicator. Identifying the currencies with the most rapid rate of change is more important to me than identifying the currencies which have remained most consistently strong or weak. I still intend to get my own custom indicator built. I would rather have something that is not actually attached to MT4 charts as a traditional indicator.

I am after a spread sheet style layout which displays a range of information in real time based on a tick by tick basis rather Forex strength indicator on closed candles. For instance I want a bar graph showing the strength of a currency in the normal manner with a numerical value assigned to it.

Another bar graph showing the rate of change for a currency and in which direction. And another bar graph showing the most favourable pair combination for which pairs have the currencies showing the greatest rate of change in opposite directions.

As I've said, there is a commercial indicator similar to this I don't want to mention the name but it requires you to input the data manually to a spread sheet and I would want it to extract the information automatically from the MT4 data feed. Do you or anyone else here know if it is possible to collect data automatically from a feed directly in to a spread sheet or similar tool for the kind of thing I am hoping to do?

Thanks for your help once again. Easy to get the data to Excel Hmmm, I was hoping to keep the processor usage to a minimum. One of the things I find with these indicators in MT4 to begin with is they use up a lot of CPU and slow or even stalls things for me.

That's one of the reasons I use a separate strength indicator which takes its data feed from somewhere else. I'm assuming from what you say about importing data from MT4 to Excel that I should technically be able to do the same with a different data source?

So if I paid for a better data feed, in theory I should be able to achieve my desired results? Or would the CPU usage still be high with this kind of idea? What about the idea of hosting my spread sheet print out on a different server online. For instance get my data feed going to a website domain that I buy, and then getting my indicator to "print" the results display on the webpage therefore not using Forex strength indicator CPU from my own computer?

I have no idea how I would achieve this, Forex strength indicator, but if it is possible I could easily find someone to design it for me. Starting to get out of my depth now I responded to your Q about whether it could be done. Really do not see what you hope to gain over one of the indi's posted above. They can be Forex strength indicator to what you need I think. Do not look for a sledge hammer to crack this nut!

Anyway off to watch F1 now. Joined Jun Status: Member 14 Posts. Quoting flotsom. These indicators will let you identify a strong currency and a weak one, and then you can select the corresponding Jun 25, pm Jun 25, pm, Forex strength indicator. Joined Mar Status: Member 61 Posts. Attached is an excel sheet that you can use. I got this on FF and adapted for my use. The creator of the excel sheet eventually released a commercial strength meter as stand alone program.


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Trend Strength MT4 Indicator – Chart Setup. Chances are you will like this indicator for its simplicity. After installing the Trend Strength Indicator onto your MT4 Platform, you should have a similar chart as below. currency strength meter,currency strength indicator, currency strength and weakness, Currency Power Strength System forex forex system forex trading system forex forex indicators forex trading forex tools download forex trading system download Dream Signals forextrade Dream Signals forex purchase Dream Signals forex trade Dream Signals forex mt4 Dream Signals forex Dream Signals forex fx . Jun 26,  · Of course I may be completely wrong about the CCfp-Diff indicator so I will continue to learn more about it. My gut feeling is I would rather use something like Hanovers recent strength indicator in terms of how strength is calculated, and then go from there developing my .